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The College library, established in 1959, has a good number of reading materials in General library and book bank catering to the needs of the students and staff. The Saktipad Memorial reading room was establishedin the year 1990 to provide reading facilities to the students during the
college hours. The library remains open from 1030 am to 4.30 pm on all working days.
Rules for the library
1 No books shall be taken of the library without the knowledge of the librarian and until has been properly entered in the issue registers and the entry is signed by the borrower.
2. Borrowers are requested to return the books in the stipulated period for better circulation of the books among the users.
3. When the due date for return of a book falls on a holiday, it should be returned on the next working day.
4. Fine at the rate of 50 paise per book per day will be charged from the students who fail to return the book (s) within the due date.
5. Each borrower must examine the condition of the book (s) when they are issued. Books, magazines, Newspapers and other reading materials should be retuned in good condition and if mutilation is detected later, fine will be charged against the last borrower.
6. Any book lost, damaged or defaced by a borrower must be replaced by him/her. If the book is one of a set series and the volume can not be obtained singly, then the set/series must be replaced at the reader’s cost. If the book is a rare one and irreplaceable by the borrower, he/she must pay an amount ten times of the catalogued cost of the
7 No marginal or other notes or marking shall be made in the library books, nor shall any picture or page be removed or torn or otherwise disfigured. In such cases, the borrower may be asked to replace the book, failing which three times of the catalogued cost of the book shall be realized.
8  A book once issued to a borrower may be re-issued to him/her only when nobody else wants to take the books. For re-issue the book will be presented to the librarian for necessary entries in the register.
9. A borrower against whom over dues or other charges are outstanding shall not be allowed to borrow books from the library.
10. The list showing the maximum of books that may be issued to various classes of borrowers is given below.
(a) Member of teaching staff 25 each
(b) Demonstrators & Laboratory Assistants 07 each
(c) P.E.T& Storekeeper 05 each
(d) Ministerial Staff 05 each
(e) Librarian 07 each
(f) Attendants 01 each
(g) Class IV Employees 01 each
(h) Degree students (Hons) 03 each
(i) Degree students (Pass) 02 each
(j) Plus two students 02 each
11 Period of issue against different users is as follows
(a) Teaching staff of the college; Maximum 2 months or 60 days .
(b) Non -teaching staff of the college: maximum 01 month or 30   days
(c) Students (Pass, Hons & +2): Maximum 15 days
Important Notice
a. The library follows closed -access system in issue and return of books.
b. The library follows strict rules and regulations in issue and return of books.
c. The overdue charges at a rate.of 50 paise per book per day will  be collected from the students who fail to return the book within the specific period.
d. Transfer of library books into teachers’  accounts by students is strictly prohibited.
e. Users are requested to return the books within the specific period for better circulation of books and to avoid overdue charges.
f. All users should take care of the books of the library.
g. Books, magazines etc. of the library will be issued to the students and staff of the Kshetrabasi D.A.V College only.
h. Person who takes books from the library is supposed to have read the library rules and agreed to abide by them.
12. Books shall be returned to the library before the college closes for long vacations or on or before the date notified for the purpose.
13.  Any body in possession of the library books shall return them to the library whenever he/she receives a requisition notice for-the return of the books from the librarian.
14. If any borrower keeps library books in his/her possession for more than the time allowed for the purpose, no more books will be issued to him/her until it is restored to the library in extreme cases, the privileges  of using the library may be denied  to such borrowers.
15 All the books shall be returned within the period allowed, failing  which the matter will be reported to the principal for taking disciplinary action.
16. The students should put their requisition slips for books, journals etc. In the requisition box / hand over to the librarian at least one day before the issue date of the user fixed by the college.
17. All those remaining inside the library or at the library counter are expected to observe strict silence. The librarian has orders to see that rules are strictly observed and he is to report any willful breach of  the rules.
18. The library premises should not be used for any purpose other than reading the books and periodical of the library or consulting about them.
19. Sticks and other articles not connected with study should not be brought into the library premises.
20. Spitting, smoking, sleeping inside the library and putting leg on  library furniture are strictly forbidden.
21. If a student losses his/her library card, duplicate card will be issued to him/her on application and on payment of Rs 15/-
22. The students should produce library card and identity card of the college at the time of issue of books.
Rules for the Reading Room
The Saktipada Memorial Reading Room caters to the urgent academic needs of the students of this college. It remains open from
11.00 am to 3.00 pm on all working days or otherwise notified for the purpose. The following rules are binding on the readers.
1. Ordinarily one book or a journal is issued at a time to a student on a call slip and on production of identity card. All such books or journals must be returned to the librarian 30 minutes before the closing of the day. If a student fails to return the books or journal, a fine of 50 paise per day will be imposed on him/her till he/she returns the books or journal. In case of loss or damage three times’of the cost of the book shall be realized.
2. No student will be allowed to borrow the books, if he or she fails to present the valid identify card to the librarian.
3 The students are expected to use the reading room during their leisure periods or off hours and the reading room premises should not be used for any purpose other than reading.
Book Bank Rules
The Book bank of the college is a resource house of books. It aims to provide support against the demand of books of the needy poor and meritorious students. The Book bank has a set of rules for the issues and return of book.
1. Needy, poor and meritorious students may borrow text books and books of their Interest from the Book bank by depositing 1/10 of the total cost of the book after due consideration of the advisory board of the book bank.
2. The borrower shall have to return the books to the book bank before filling up forms for the council or university examination. In case the borrower fails in the test examination, he / she is to return the books immediately.
3. First year +2 Arts I Science/Commerce students shall have to return the books soon after their annual examination is over. On fresh application, these books may be re-issued to them on usual payment for the next session.
4 The borrower of the book will be held responsible for any damage, delete or loss of the book. In case the borrower is asked to replace the book and he/she fails, three time of cost of the book will be realized from him / her.
5. Merit and poverty will be taken into consideration for granting books from book bank to the borrowers.