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Students should treat all members of the school community with respect and consideration and should avoid saying or doing anything which may cause hurt to another person.
All students must adhere to the College Code of Conduct for both the classroom and the corridors.
1. Students must wear the full uniform in the College, going to and from the College and at all College functions unless otherwise permitted by the Principal. Students must adhere to the College regulations regarding their
personal appearance as stated in the Uniform rules.
2. Students must be well behaved while going to and from the College. Any behaviour, even outside school hours, which would bring discredit on the College will be treated very seriously.
3. Students must obey the instructions of staff at all times and prefects when they are carrying out their duties.
4. Students are required to arrive at the College at or before 9.20 am for Registration. Students who arrive after Registration must report to the Students Office immediately, sign in, and report to the Head of Year at the
time stipulated.